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Live Interactive Liminal Space Webinars: Immerse yourself in transformative Liminal Space sessions, where we explore the transitional phases between the known and the unknown, unlocking new insights and unleashing your full creative potential.

Access to Interest-Based Lab Groups: Become a co-creator of innovative solutions, informed by diverse viewpoints. Through structured discussions, immersive experiments, and group co-creation, our Lab Groups offer an environment where ideas can flourish and evolve, ultimately leading to the generation of meaningful insights and actionable strategies.

Lab Reports and Futures Reports: Dive into thought-provoking reports that dissect emerging trends, innovative concepts, and potential futures. Gain exclusive access to our findings and explore the uncharted territories of knowledge.

Exclusive Self-Guided Experiences: Be the first to access our treasure trove of self-guided experiences, including captivating workbooks and enriching courses. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, tailored to your pace.

Interactive Play-and-Learn Experiences: Engage in hands-on, interactive activities that bridge the gap between play and learning. Experiment with ideas, challenge your assumptions, and nurture your inner explorer.

Curated Spotify Playlists: Immerse yourself in the rhythms of creativity with our carefully curated Spotify playlists. Let the music guide your thoughts and fuel your inspiration as you venture into uncharted territories of thought.

First Access to Community Goods: Embrace the soul of our community with exclusive access to Sublingual Community Goods. Each piece, lovingly crafted by artisans from within our community, carries a story waiting to be told.

Join us in crafting a future that defies boundaries and transcends limits. Together, we'll reshape perceptions, ignite imagination, and celebrate the beauty of shared learning.

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What is a Social Innovation Lab?

Today's biggest opportunities and challenges are social, not technical.

Social and cultural systems can often be overlooked due to its invisibility in addressing challenges. And while technology can play a crucial role in accelerating change, it is increasingly clear that technological advancements alone are insufficient to bring about lasting change. Even responsible and ethical deployment of technology, stewardship of the environment, and economic stability require a deep understanding of the societal context in which they operate.

And so, we find ourselves in need of social innovation. Some of the biggest challenges of today - climate change, inequality, access to quality education, the well-being crisis, and more - have complex social underpinnings. Approaching these issues with this in mind allows us to approach problem-solving with a broader perspective that integrates technological advancements with cultural awareness, ethical considerations, and a deep understanding of human behavior.

Our approaches require examining our own belief systems and focusing on both inner development and systemic complexities. We are living through a myriad of intersectional liminal spaces.

Our social innovation lab exists as a gathering place to navigate through these liminal spaces, together.

About Sublingual

We are a community-driven social innovation lab that champions the power of collective creativity. 

At Sublingual, we believe in harnessing the strength of diverse minds to navigate the complex challenges of our time. Through open-source research, immersive experiences, and collaborative projects, we forge a playground for your mind, where questions are our compass and imagination knows no bounds. From on-demand Liminal Space sessions to exclusive self-guided explorations, we're here to ignite your curiosity, challenge your perceptions, and empower you to co-create the future you envision. Join us, the authors of change, and let's craft a world of endless possibilities together.

🧙🏾‍♂️We are Sublingual. 🦸🏼‍♀️You are Sublingual.